Newsflash! World Population Hits 8 Billion Today!

Today being November 15, 2022.

Well, there’s something I wasn’t expecting to see today. Most recently I have been projecting the 8 billion figure to arrive in the second half of December – based on the Worldometers clocks. And it even began to look like event this might slip into the first week of January 2023. But there has been a recent UN reset of the totals by nation and the UN has already announced we are 8 billion strong. I first found the announcement on TASS – ‘World population reaches 8 billion, says UN’. Following that up with the UN, it appears that the adjustment necessary to reset the numbers was recently made, and reported here…

‘World Population Prospects 2022’ – United Nations – Department of Economic and Social Affairs – Population Division

World Population Prospects 2022: Summary of Results (pdf)

Nothing in those documents is actually dated – as far as I can tell. Presumably only published in recent days.

I decided that I would prefer to see what Worldometers does in light of this announcement – their own count being so close now.

Surprise, surprise! When I checked the worldometers site I found that they had also made the adjustment to their own counters within the previous hour today. Here is a snapshot…

Worldometers snapshot, ~19:30 ADST, November 15, 2022

I want to comment on this situation but, in order to get this published quickly, I will do so in a separate post. There are some very interesting outflows from these figures.

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