A G20 Balanced Report – Lavrov Style

You now have opportunity to view, naturally in Russian, with English sub-titles, perhaps the only finely balanced report from the first day of the G20 gathering for 2022, in the form of a press briefing. The report is by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov – perhaps one of the few sanely balanced delegates attending the conference. Since the minister was not required to answer even a single inanely stupid question, it is assumed that this was a press briefing held exclusively for Russian media.

Yes, I know the whole G20 thing is now over, but it would have taken someone a lot of effort to produce this version for English speaking viewers. It should be noted, but whether it will be is another question, that the final joint statement from G20 leaders was something of a defeat for the aggressively russophobic NATO-led western nations in attendance. Their attempts to turn the conference into a Russia bashing/shaming exercise failed utterly. Lavrov has something to say on that in the video.

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