How Strong is China-Russia Friendship?

It is now time for China to step up and enforce its own foreign policy on Taiwan. Who rules Taiwan? China or the US?

‘Taiwan expands restrictions on exports to Russia and Belarus — radio’ – TASS – Jan 5, 2023

It’s a matter concerning confidence in a relationship. How far does friendship go?

All that notwithstanding the probability that Russia is in no dire need of Taiwanese technology anyway – if you correctly read Martyanov today – ‘And Now Something Off The Left Field.‘ – you will quickly realise that Russian capabilities in the computer chip field are far and away more advanced than anything the west imagines they could be – and have been since 2011. How on earth does the west imagine Russia has claimed such a real technological advantage over their own capabilities in the space, military, medical, and I’m sure many other fields? Thus creating a knowledge gap that can never be closed or approximated.

Now, I am not an expert in this field but I do know just enough to work out how real and mind-boggling this is. One of the references in Martyanov’s piece leads to this article (below) which my trusty Yandex browser immediately translates to good English. If you find such things not boring, you may like to read it yourself.

Russian 7 nm lithograph from IPF RAS! Lithograph from NCFM for 2-3 years! Here we go! –

You may think (if you have some knowledge in this area) that circuit lithography at a resolution of 7 nm is quite commonplace these days and that 12-14 nm technology is becoming available. In fact my own home computer (on which I am typing this) houses an Nvidia GPU, an RTX 2070 Super, which runs 12 nm technology and is an example of what Nvidia calls its Turing family, based on Taiwan’s TSMC lithographed circuits. TSMC now has the capability (theoretically at least – not sure if this has been accomplished yet) to print circuits at 28-30 nm resolution. Can Russian technology equal that? You betcha! As the above article discloses.

Russia does not trumpet her capabilities. Instead she quietly goes about her business at the leading edge of development – in this field as also being originator and still leading figure in the field of nuclear fusion (which the US falsely claimed a breakthrough in recently) within the ITER organisation. Russia even has a working hybrid fusion-fission reactor connected to her power grid and has opened development collaboration to international scientists – particularly those from China – Russia develops hybrid fusion-fission reactor, offers China role. – RT. So do not think that Russia is in any way held back by Taiwanese sanctions. She is not.

It is simply a question of ‘what are friends for?’, ‘who are your friends?’, and ‘just how friendly are they?’. Or, ‘to what lengths will they go to prove their friendship?’.

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