G7 Fails While BRICS Expands

Forget the G7. They are the new ‘hasbeens’ of the world [Quote – ‘Hasbeen: You know, stuff that used to be popular before the middle ages, when our parents were still young and fresh’ – multiple sources].

The US announced the failure of the G7 summit – RIA Novosti

These are the folk to now be looking to as the next and most vibrantly fresh leaders of the world social and economic order. They are the expanded BRICS (or BRICS+ for now). I think they are going to need to find another name (anything will do, so long as it is not a ‘G’ and a number).

Mark well their faces. You will be seeing more of them as time goes by.

‘”The main players are determined”: who will shape the new world order’ – RIA Novosti

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