We’ve Already Reached the Tipping Point on Global Warming

“The world I want is a world that does not subjugate, does not separate, does not monger fear and inadequacy in order to control.  The world I dream of has clean air, clean water, does not poison its people.  Instead it educates them, gives them room and space to dream.  It respects the plants and animals that share our planet, does not see them as resources to be exploited but as sacred things to be exalted and protected.”

This post inspired by the Medium article: We’ve Already Reached the Tipping Point on Global Warming. I’ve Seen It.  I have included no photos here as the linked article has enough of its own.  Read it if you want pictures.

Now, I dislike promoting anything to do with TED Talks, which have morphed into something akin to meaningless, through overuse and manipulation, but I wanted to use the above quote from this article on Medium since it resonates somehow with my own views, so I have let my dislikes slide this time and for this purpose.

The article starts off well, with the title “We’ve Already Reached the Tipping Point on Global Warming”, but then attempts to stir and warm our hearts by comparing us to icebergs and gee-ing us up to do something.  A noble gesture, but somehow crazy.  Yet worth the read.

If the climate tipping point has been reached, and I have no doubt that it has, then attempting to turn that situation around with platitudes, singing choruses of ‘Kumbaya’ while holding hands in a circle, promoting global climate talk-fests or pretty much anything else to “right this ship and chart a better course” in “service of this planet”, god, humanity, or any other lost cause, is really oxymoronic, pointless, and equivalent to trying to stop a rolling iceberg (see the video).

Face the facts people.  If any of us (or our descendants) are to live through the next several years, decades or centuries, then most of us have to die first.  And soon.  And those that remain (if there are any), need to remember why.  They will also need to learn or relearn how to live in very different circumstances to how we have lived.

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  1. I want the world she wants and no doubt you want it, too. Yes, most of us will die trying to survive in the mess we’ve created, but let’s hope the survivors learn from our mistakes and can create that world.

    Thanks for sharing the link.

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