Listen To The Lego Man

Who has not ever played with Lego blocks and had enormous fun?  Well, that world of Lego is existentially threatened by the increasing on-the-noseness of continued oil use among the aware in our society, not to mention the imminent demise of the oil industry itself.


The Lego company is also well aware of this threat to its continuity and is seeking to do something about it.  They have indicated (having probably been shamed into doing so) that their special relationship with Shell Oil will not be renewed on its expiry.

Plastic, as I am sure that you already know, is produced from refined oil products and all such manufactured objects will soon need to be replaced by some other material.  Plastic is so ubiquitously prevalent in our modern world (can you think of all the other plastic objects that you daily rely on?) and I am fairly certain that there will be no material found that can replace it (just as there is no replacement for oil itself).  At least no material that will be acceptable for large scale industrial production across all sectors of modern society in an oil deprived world that is struggling to cope with an increasingly dangerous and disruptive climate 

…and plastics are only one of many uses in which we have rather foolishly placed our reliance on the limited and rapidly dwindling supplies of oil that are available to us (or that we can, for our own  safety, keep extracting).

What is to become of the cosy industrial world that we have for such a short time enjoyed and played for all it was worth, while it lasted?

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  1. Looking at Lego blocks, it wouldn’t be easy to make the exact same thing out of wood, assuming we’ll readily want to waste that which could be used for more useful objects, however Lego blocks are one of the hardiest pieces of plastic, so I think they’ll be around for a long time. Probably will be worth a fortune one day!

    I checked out the link to their site and they are claiming to want to be ‘more sustainable’. If I hear that phrase again I will scream, having just blasted Enviroshop for an email in which they wanted me to think about a ‘more sustainable’ Christmas. AAARRGH!

    Their are no degrees of sustainability…either a system is sustainable or it isn’t. That which isn’t sustainable will not be (ie exist). No system can be ‘more’ (or ‘less’) sustainable. And ‘sustainability’ applies to systems, not people, not companies, not even fridges (yes, that one was claimed in an Age article by a family that had just bought a ‘more sustainable’ fridge. Aaaarrgh again!)

    Does no-one understand the word??

    1. Steady on there, Bev, you’ll blow a gasket 🙂

      Remember the Inner Man from the Moody Blues –
      Inner Man:
      There you go, man
      Keep as cool as you can
      Face piles of trials with smiles
      It riles them to believe
      That you perceive
      The web they weave…
      And keep on thinking free

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