Profound Humanism and Exceptional Moral Courage

Daniel Ellsberg, he of the ‘Pentagon Papers’ kerfuffle in the 1970s, obviously would have a deep insight into the plight of Julian Assange and others – the names Manning and Snowden come to mind, but apparently there are many more. Awardee of the 2018 Olof Palme Prize for his “profound humanism and exceptional moral courage,” Ellsberg has something meaningful to say (a rare commodity in today’s America)

Tulsi Gabbard, she being one among the few sane and grounded politicians the US has – though once again summarily rejected as being presidential material by the contorted controls and procedures of the pseudo democracy that nation clings to (even in its dying moments but perhaps not for much longer), draws out that meaningful message willingly from Ellsberg in the all too short Twitter video interview shared below.

There is still a spark of life, honour and truth left in the decaying remains of the US. I’m not sure it will prove to be a strong enough spark to resurrect the cadaver to some future worthwhile existence, or whether a number of newer but far less globally harmful entities will emerge from its ruins.

Thanks also to Ilargi of the Automatic Earth for bringing this to my attention:


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