Will The Empire Of Evil Touch Assange?

I have said many times that Julian Assange (alongside Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning) is a modern day hero whose rights to freedom of movement have been abused by the British government for years now.  The UN agrees, at least with the fact that he is being restrained illegally.

Image credit: mashable.com 2stru78asdf.jpg

Does the UK care?  Not a bit.  But then the Brits are also constrained (voluntarily) by the collar and leash of US serfdom hanging around their necks.  Servants of The Empire of Evil.

What will happen to Assange if he leaves sanctuary as he said he will?  Of course, he will be arrested.  Dare the Empire touch him?  That is the question.  The consequences, if they do, are too terrible to consider.

Photo credit: A flag hangs from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in central London, Britain. © Peter Nicholls / Reuters

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