The Lies Continue …Of Course They Do

What has changed?  Absolutely nothing.  Oh, there is the little thing of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Can you believe that?  Well, you could, if there was any plausible evidence.  But, the lies continue …of course they do.

Once you have gone down that path, especially if you are a national leader with a position to uphold, once you have decided who your friends are, on the basis that keeping faith with them may be of some benefit to you,  irrespective of how believable their stories are, it is extremely difficult to remove or distance yourself from that situation.  No matter how much you would like to do that.  This is the situation in which Barak Obama finds himself.

Watching President Obama on the TV news this morning, in his new taupe suit, wearily and without any sort of conviction in his voice or demeanour, explaining the latest Russian involvement in Ukraine, again making entirely unsupported accusations and unsupportable threats of further dire sanctions, it was very clear that he didn’t really want to be there saying the sort of things that he did.  He knows, of course, that his position is untenable.

On the other hand, the rabid pronouncements of the deranged Ukrainian Prime Minister who has gone a step too far into believing his own delusions for his mental wellbeing, and the equally rabid threats from the warmongering NATO leadership, intent on finding reason to justify that organisation’s continued existence, were I suppose understandable from their point of view, par for the course, and at least consistent with everything they have said and done so far with respect to this situation.  Albeit, based on entirely groundless and unprovable accusations.  These desperate pronouncements are being made because things are not going so well for government forces in direct contrast to what is being reported by the pro-western media.

Now, let’s take a look at some credible evidence from a fairly trusted and independent source, the OSCE, as reported here. ‘No Russian troops in Ukraine’: Moscow’s OSCE rep responds to Kiev’s claims.  Of course, there are some international fighters endeavouring  to protect E. Ukraine from the governments onslaught, and some of them may also be Russian, and some may be soldiers, but that has been admitted, and it does not constitute an invasion.  Just as the many hundreds of US mercenaries and covert forces assisting the government troops does not constitute an invasion force.

Even the Ukrainian military are not convinced that what they are being asked to do in killing their own people is justified and many are surrendering at the first opportunity.  This is where the Donetsk and Luhansk forces obtain most of their weaponry.  Of course it looks like Russian equipment because it is Russian equipment because that is where the Ukraine forces get their arms from, having previously been part of the old USSR.

Let me just clarify something.  The black shirted villain about 80% of the way through the video above is not one of the leaders of the new pro-Russian republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.  He is actually a leader of one of the extreme right fascist groups that are power sharing in the US backed puppet government in Ukraine.  An extremely nasty piece of work who is responsible for much of the mayhem in that country and who is getting a bit uptight because the Ukraine military appears to be falling apart.  Looks like he wants to march on Kiev and take over the country.  His fascist group are descendents of the mid-last century group with the same name that assisted and collaborated with atrocities of the German SS Galicia Division.  These are the sort of people that the US & EU are arming and supporting.    

I have said it before, but isn’t it a bit rich for the Americans to be calling for Russian interference in Ukraine to cease, not that such interference has been proven, and is in fact unlikely, when the whole Ukraine situation came about through US, especially, and EU meddling in that country’s affairs.

I think that around about now is when the situation in Ukraine begins to take on a more serious note.  When one side in a conflict sees that it has lost the upper hand and faces serious prospects of, not defeat, but not winning or overcoming resistence, and starts to make wild calls for external support, that is the time when escalation to a broader conflict becomes increasingly possible.  That is something we should all be dreading and trying to avoid at all costs.

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