Here We Go Again…

I have been trying to avoid commenting on the Ukraine affair for a while because while the earlier lies and innuendo about Russian involvement emanating from Kiev, Washington, NATO, London, Canberra and elsewhere, have not been admitted to be such by these sources, nor a single one of them proven to be true, but there has been an absence of further such nonsense from the West recently.

I even let the ridiculous notion of Russian soldiers hiding in White humanitarian aid trucks slide by without comment.  But this latest farce, reported by Kiev, re-bleated by all of the usual suspects aforementioned, and also corroborated by The Guardian: and the Telegraph, without a single shred of evidence, just cannot be ignored.  Journos without cameras?  In a War zone?  Except on the Russian side of the border?  What?  Who are they kidding?

Even the silly and vacuous idea that Russia would conduct an invasion fielding just 23 unsupported armoured vehicles is beyond comprehension.  Leave alone the concept that Ukraine’s incompetent military is capable of destroying them (without the aid of the many US mercenaries and ‘military advisers’ that are already there) if they did actually exist and did cross the border.  Whatever think-tanks came up with such ludicrous proposals are obviously fast running out of ideas and resorting to conjuring up phantoms.  Is that really the best that Western propagandists can do?  Still, I guess whatever they say doesn’t have to make much sense to convince a population more interested in Angry Birds (or whatever has replaced that) than reality.

None of this augurs well for our future. 

I am not saying that Russia will not eventually invade Eastern Ukraine to secure the safety of the Russian speaking population of that country, from the rabid neo-nazi led campaign of destruction being waged against them.  I think such action is highly likely and not too far away.  I also think such action would be entirely justified. 

The only lasting way to settle this is for America to butt out and for Ukraine to be ethnically split into two separate countries aligned along the corresponding regional or district borders. Euro leaners, to the left; Russian speakers, to the right.

Added After Publication:

Now, let me make this clear, I am not a ‘commie’ or a ‘Russian lover’, although I do admit that I have a certain admiration for the considerable political leadership skills displayed by Vladimir Putin as compared to the feeble efforts produced by any section of the Western Block of nations in recent times. I am apolitical on these issues, seeking only to create a perspective of objectivity unclouded by baseless reporting from any source.

I am also fully aware that Mr Putin is no candidate for sainthood, but no less so than those who seek to taint his efforts through misleading propaganda while pursuing their own unscrupulous agendas for political advantage. 

I am also very uncomfortable that both my nation of birth and my chosen nation are taking part in this co-conspiracy of such obvious and misguided untruths, directed to harm and hinder the rights of Russia to quietly maintain its own position and influence in global affairs, solidly based on that nation’s size, history and cultural development, and to protect the interests of its ethnic diaspora wherever they exist.  Does not the West also demand that same right?

There is room on this planet for all extant cultures to exist in harmony, within the limits of its population carrying capacity.  The very last thing we need is a world government based on and dominated by any single political, economic or religion based philosophy.  Would you like to live in a United States of the World, a United World Kingdom, a European World Union, a Russian World Federation, a Chinese Socialist World System or even an Islamic or Christian World State?  I don’t think so.  There is no great sense of ‘Freedom’ in any of those systems, yet remove those political systems and the basic, local, cultural needs of all of the world’s peoples are very similar.

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