Cracks Appearing in the West

The cracks in the legitimacy and sustainability of Western culture are beginning to force themselves to our attention.  I reported yesterday on Kunstler’s latest notes on the situation in America.  Today I can tell you that one in three British children are now living in poverty.  Supermarket shelves are empty, not necessarily due to the normal panic buying that overt market stresses cause, but primarily because there is a reported shortfall of 100,000 truck drivers to move food around the country.  The British word for ‘truck’ is ‘lorry’ and therefore truck drivers are called lorry drivers there.  The reason for the shortfall is not Covid but Brexit.  After Brexit a great many lorry drivers went home – to Europe.  It would be comedic (with a long ‘ee’ sound) were it not so serious. So, 2,000 British army drivers are being charged to fill the gap.  What is that saying?  That an army driver can do the work of 50 civilian drivers?  Well trained they may be (at driving slowly in convoys) but that is ridiculous.

It is not only Covid or Brexit that are driving holes in Western society. There are a number of other probably so far largely unseen factors coming into play to tear the structure and fabric of those societies down. I suggest that climate is one of those. And the number of people trying to eke out a barely adequate living on a postage stamp size island. Although the British government is trying to do something about that by killing off as many as it can with stupid policies for creating and handling health crises.

You can read these things and more in this…‘Empty Supermarket Shelves in Britain – What Will the Consequences Be?’ – here on the Titanic Lifeboat Academy
…or here at the original on NEO

This is just the thin edge of the wedge.  Do not expect normalcy to return.  And if the first sign of cracks has not yet appeared in your local cultural centre, expect to see them very soon.  Modern civilisation is on the edge – and about to take a dive.  We have no answers to the results of our own stupidity.  How could we?  We are its originators and architects.

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