Navigating the Afghan Minefield

I am going out on a limb here, though not such a fragile limb as those news analysis sites who have published this story.  I am merely passing it on for your attention.  I have to say I do agree with the general thrust of the narrative, though aware it could all fall apart very easily.  It is very different compared with the current reporting on these events (from a last century perspective) of the general news media – which has not improved one iota over the years.

The article speaks for itself.  I have nothing at this stage to add – other than both Russia and China are also holding back from acknowledging or commenting on recent events, including their obvious behind the scenes influence (also unacknowledged) to steer the Taliban in what might be considered the right direction.  There appears to be an unexpected amount of willingness to at least partially tread that path. This is the kind of leadership and external assistance which has been sadly lacking in years gone by.  No more heavy and interfering hand of the West.  That can only be a good thing for all.  And certainly for Afghanistan.

‘Signs suggest this isn’t the Taliban of old’ – Asia Times – by MK Bhadrakumar – originally published by India Punchline and  Globetrotter. 

A Taliban delegation led by the head of the negotiating team Anas Haqqani, right, meets with former Afghan government officials including former president Hamid Karzai, center-left, at an unspecified location in Afghanistan. Photo: AFP / Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

I have also to say that this is excellent news reporting.  Quite unlike anything to be seen in Western media these days.

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