Performance – Real… Talent – Exceptional… Feelings – Strong

My world was recently introduced to the work and music of two talented young women, and my world was rocked. They go by the name of Lucius – a band completed by three talented musicians.

How do I describe their music? It is an unknown genre to me. If I were pushed into a corner I would say it was ‘Millennial Music’, because I have no other words to describe what it is. Well… yes I do, sort of… I am rarely at a complete loss for words. It is professional, talented, and full of feeling.

I can say, though I suppose it also carries little weight, this is the best produced and performed music video concert I have ever seen. Every note, every movement, every camera angle, is deliberate and in the right place. It may take a few minutes to get into, finding new slots in your mind into which to place it, but once there and feeling the warmth, I’m sure you will enjoy it and appreciate what you are hearing.

It feels like you are there, in the best seat.

This Youtube video is owned by KEXPLucius – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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