Pentagon Has No Idea…

‘Pentagon has no idea how much US military equipment seized by Taliban — spokesman’ – TASS

The title of this TASS piece could easily have been shortened to ‘Pentagon simply has no idea’. But Russians might consider that to be undiplomatic. I harbour no such qualms.

A Pentagon to Taliban respectful request – “Please may we have our tanks and trucks back,” just doesn’t seem to work for me.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby
© AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Anyway, if things turn out as I expect, those weapons will mostly be used by a reformed Afghan army – with Taliban blessing.  What would they want with such things anyway?  They are mostly rugged mountain people who will want to revert to their natural lifestyle once things settle down and they can leave other matters of national security to a properly (not Western) trained professional and potentially much smaller military that the country can actually afford.  Although the Taliban will always I think wisely retain certain semi-official, ready reserve units for subduing potential terrorist uprisings.  Surrounded by friendly neighbours and trading BRI partners, they will not have a need for a huge and expensive military command.

One thing is for sure I believe.  The US has made its last weapons sales in that country, and potentially anywhere in that region.  Even the Saudis are warming to Russian weapons, having experienced various ‘Patriot’ failures and an inability to make headway against Yemeni forces even having spent vast fortunes on US gear.  

With Russian weapons, the Saudis might actually become dangerous …hmm…  …nah, can’t see it …to themselves, perhaps. 

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