The COVID Story Now Coming Unravelled

After several months of personally boycotting Jim Kunstler’s blog over his illogical stance on China, I can once again share at least the current Kunstler post.  He appears, at long last, to have got the China story exactly right – in my opinion. 

Hint: that may be something to do with his podcast meeting with Dr David Martin on July 22 (link in post below).  Dr Martin is very persuasive, and has the facts to back what he says.

There is a growing wave of revelation on the whole nasty COVID affair which I think will not now be halted until everybody knows the truth behind it.  It is a miserable and disgusting trail of deception and lies, centred, it seems, on a certain despicably evil Fauci character (not that he is the lone evil-minded conspirator) – all of it, it seems, done purely for profit.  The expounding of this expanding great global revelation will leave many national governments embarrassed for their collusion in it and perhaps found culpable for what they have inflicted on their peoples under the fearmongering associated with this totally unnatural pandemic.  What have they (colluding politicians) personally gained from this?  And what physical damage have they actually perpetrated on millions of people they have induced into a deadly vaccination program specifically designed to harm – in ways we have yet to see manifest as the next few years unfold.  

I applaud all that Jim says in his ‘Big Fail’ post.

The repercussions of the COVID hoax story (the disease is real but not naturally occurring) foisted on humanity will be with us for a very long time.  Those responsible must be made to pay for their crimes.  And those in positions of power who have simply gone along with it must be relieved of their positions of trust, so easily broken.

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