COVID, as the Tip of the Iceberg in the Battle for Who Controls Humanity

I have previously heard of investigative reporter Whitney Webb, perhaps even read some of the work she did during her time at MintPress News, but I have never met her face-to-face, so to speak, until this video which came my way this morning.

Two things: I have not been able to separate the video from the embedded article, and the title is misleading – ‘The Latest Google Censorship Due to Their Vaccine Investment’

Let me say that this is nothing to do with the Mercola organisation. This is the only place the video is currently available …and that may only be briefly. I suggest you ignore the Mercola article – which you have to sign up to see anyway – just watch the video (about 1 hour). Nor is the video more than marginally to do with Google censorship. A broad range of important issues, largely unknown to the world at large, are discussed. Whitney is a remarkably astute, well informed, and personable young woman. In this video she is a guest of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer currently prosecuting Covid related cases, whose name will increasingly become well known. You may also wish to view Dr Fuellmich talking aobut his own work.

Whitney Webb’s current work is done at her site Unlimited Hangout. I have now added that site to my list of regular ‘hangouts’. 

I am particularly impressed with what is said toward the end of the conversation about the plan to turn all of us into ‘hackable rats’ (a quote from 2020 WEF – which is how they think of us) through ‘personalised’, AI based, doctorless, health care.  The ‘Man-Machine Interface’. If you are a medical doctor, be very worried.  Also that the only way to survive the plan is to separate yourself from the system and become independent of it.  Of course, those who have already been Covid vaccinated may find that difficult to do.

I am becoming convinced that all governments bear some responsibility for this situation and while I praise presidents Putin and Xi as being among the best leaders in the world today, they too have fallen for the Covid narrative and allowed so-called ‘vaccination’ of their populations with untested toxic fluids.  All of that is presented in the video.
If this video disappears, I will attempt to find another copy.

We have a fight on our hands people.  A fight we must win.  Some reassurance on that also comes at the end of the video with the revelation that what is planned will never work.  In other words, a part man, part machine creature, is impossible to engineer.  It is pure science fiction . That of course will not stop them from trying, as long as there is the prospect of profit from the experience – and gullible or helpless folk to experiment on. 

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