We Still Have A Choice …for Now

It has been on my mind for a while now. What am I doing? Where are we going? Is anything still worthwhile? Is it all too late? Is our world on a one way track, to nowhere? …or even to somewhere we would rather not be? …some place not of our choosing? …somewhere we were led, like sheep?

Is that also how it feels for you?

This world is not the world I grew up in. It is not the place I worked so long to build. Even if only in my little part of it.

Someone has hijacked that world. Someone has changed the plan. Someone has shifted the goal posts and is working to turn the playing field into a walled prison – for all of us – a stadium with only a minimum number of chosen spectators in high-placed luxury seats to watch the sporting spectacle of a trapped and dying species as entertainment, seeing them “enjoy” the few liberties they are permitted in the enclosure below …a place they will name “Utopia” to create the belief in us that this is the best there is …and maybe a place which will eventually serve as an abbatoir – for all or most of us.

Is that how we will go out? More or less oblivious to our situation, at least until it is our turn to “leave”? I am sure that is close to how it is seen currently in some warped minds. Although these “planners” seem to be unaware that they do not own the stage on which their “entertainment” is set …nor its environs.

For a glimpse of that world, something that came to me today in a newsletter from Tessa Lena – link below – please watch this short, 15 minute, video set in Sydney, Australia, from Omeleto (who or whatever that is) made in 2019. On checking, I was astounded to find a plethora of such named videos. It is a recurring theme. I wonder why? But this one, for me, hits the mark, complete with laid-back Aussie accents making that nation – my nation – ideally suited to fall for such delusion without even a weak attempt to fight it – as adequately portrayed in the ease with which the people of that nation have so readily taken to allowing themselves to be jabbed with experimental fluids over a make-believe solution for what is only a marginally dangerous virus (compared to other viruses) as SARS-Cov-2 in the last year or so. Not all Aussies have so easily capitulated though. In fact the “unjabbed” may even turn out to be in the majority when the dust settles and the true numbers are revealed.

I may be giving something of a disservice the Aussie spirit though in what I said above. Especially if what we see now occurring in the northern hemisphere, particularly in Europe, where mandatory vaccination is being serious consideration, becomes a threat in the south. The Europeans know how to fill the streets with revolt over many things, and this latest oppressive governmental move appears to be a step too far. The remainder of northern summer is set to become bloody I think. See the dramatic mobile phone coverage in Tessa’s article below.

‘A Choice Between the Courage and the “Utopia”‘ – Tessa Lena – Tessa Fights Robots

Will the south react in the same way? Will Aussies take to the streets as readily as, say, the French? …and how far will this lead, globally? …and who will prevail? The “Planners”? Or the “Revolters”? “Courage” or “Utopia”?

That remains to be seen …and both you, and I, have a part to play.

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