I Waited A While To Show This… Now Is The Time

I admit to having been remiss to disclose something on this blog that I have held in reserve for a couple of weeks now, waiting to see what effect there may have arisen from it in the global, actually not global, in the Western narrative on COVID – since I have always held that COVID is more of a Western ‘thing’ than a global one. You know, in terms of its origin, visual narrative, and driving forces.

I didn’t want to go out on a limb on something that might be swept under the carpet and lost – as so many other evidences have been over recent months and years. But it seems I should have shown a little more courage and backbone. The COVID illusion that has been the basis of the only propaganda narrative the world has been subject to so far (most of the conspiracy theories having been seen as delusional anyway), is now rapidly being overturned, as the truth of the matter is revealed.

It is a disturbing saga, most of which was already known right at the start of the so-called pandemic or even earlier. It began in the late 1990’s – whether earlier than that I have no indication – but its development began in the early years of this century and came to fruition in or after 2017, awaiting the right moment to be deployed. That happened during 2019 and we all know how it has expanded since that time.

What I am talking about is a video interview by COVID case lawyer Reiner Fuellmich with guest Dr David Martin, which took place on July 9 and was alerted to me on July 11. Dr Martin provided a history of COVID much as I described it in the prior paragraph, revealing some of what was already known but backing that with US patent numbers relating to work on producing or computer modelling SARS-CoV variants from as early as 2002 through 2008 which was when it was weaponised by DARPA (US military) in June of that year and patented. This iis what we now know as SARS-CoV-2.

Watch the video below. If it disappears or becomes unavailable there are many other copies now on the internet, one of which also carries a full transcript of the interview (and links to some of the major patents mentioned). I have to say that I do not know if Dr Martin is to be entirely trusted as an unbiased witness. He comes across as something of a flamboyant showman and he does have some personally bizarre views – based on his other web presences. However, there is no doubt I think on the basic truth of the information he provides. This, together with other reliable sources is now being taken seriously in high places and will, I am sure, drive the future direction in which the Covid narrative is driven. The writing is on the wall for the false story we have been so far given to understand by official sources.

Judge this for yourself, but also watch how developments unfold on the COVID newsfront. A change is in the air.

My main area of concern is for all those who have already taken the needle.

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