When No More Kunstler is More Than Enough

Today, Jim Kunstler has gone one step too far in his one-eyed China bashing.  No more will I share links to his posts. 

This has gone on ceaselessly for some time now, to the extent where I wonder whether he is being sponsored to say bad things about China to counter the bad things he correctly explains about his own country.

Today was the last straw for me.  To suggest that the way America is going it will soon be identified as being the same as China, is beyond the pale.  Can he not see, or does he not want to see, that China, in hastily overtaking the US in every social and economic measure on the positive side of any rationally applied ledger – meaning China must be doing most or almost everything right – producing a happy and contented populace, and lifting millions of it’s people out of poverty, is diametrically opposed to the direction in which the US is headed by doing most everything wrong, leading to a populace on the brink of revolution and insurrection due to them feeling more and more  impoverished and downtrodden.

The picture could not be clearer.

Kunstler, I think, has lost respect for his audience and has certainly lost the respect of my section of his audience. 

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