When Will The West Shed Its Juvenility And Achieve Adulthood?

“Australians flagged in Shanghai security files which shed light on China’s surveillance state and monitoring of Uyghurs” – ABC News Australia

Wait one fucking minute!  This is talking about data supposedly hacked from a Chinese Police database.  Isn’t alleged Chinese hacking one of the things Australian authorities, along with a range of other western misanthropes, are always charging the Chinese nation with doing?  So, by their own admission, Australia joins the list of nations willing to hack into secure sources of data belonging to other nations.  The Bastards!  How dare they?

Well, it’s not a question of ‘daring’.  It’s more to do with ‘hypocrisy’.  The doing of exactly what you accuse others of doing – rightly or wrongly.  Earning the west the title of Hypocritical Bastards.

And if ‘wrongly’ accused, then the hypocrisy is amplified by ‘tyranny’ and various other words better left unsaid. Most such accusations by Australia against those against whom the West pits itself, are eventually found to be ‘wrongfully’ applied.  Making of the western nations a bunch of Hypocritical Tyrranical Bastards, no less and without doubt. 

And the accusations themselves are most often found to be the fabricated lies of maliciously duplicitous government operatives who take great delight in besmirching their nation’s perceived enemies. Further degrading western nations as Maliciously Hypocritical Tyrranical Bastards.

No doubt also, that China itself, along with other nations on the western bad-boy list, has sophisticated surveillance capabilities, and uses them effectively for their own legitimate purposes.  But do you hear of China or others splashing, across dubiously ethical news channels, stories of malfeasance by western nations?  OK, maybe from time to time as retaliatory medicine for western jabs, but never for propaganda purposes which always, without exception fail to achieve anything but to cheapen the west and further diminish their standing and tarnish any respect they may still tenuously hold around the world.  The west then acceding to the ranks of the Derelict Maliciously Hypocritical Tyrranical Bastards.

It really is quite childish and sickening to watch.

There do not appear to be very many further depths of depravity that the west can slither into. But if such there be, I’m sure they will eventually find them and make them their home …unless of course there is a bigger fish.

…and there is always a bigger fish

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