An Apology …of sorts

I’m sorry but I won’t be sharing in full any more Jim Kunstler posts.  While I am not meant to be running a news service I will continue to share links to his posts where they agree, more or less, with my own views.  The latest can be found below.

Previews of Coming Attractions – Jim Kunstler

Jim, it appears, is becoming a little desperate for funding.  He should be aware of course, as should anyone else who relies on external funding for the online services they provide, that all this has to stop at some stage – especially if you believe our age of flagrant pretend affluence is coming to an end.  The internet itself will disappear, and with it all the modern electronic communication on which we are now so dependent.  But, until that time, anyone who can’t provide free news must expect their service support base to dwindle and ought to be finding ways to tailor their output accordingly.

Anyway, desperate men do desperate things, and I am not entirely sure that my featuring other’s posts in full could not be used against me in some way to recoup other losses in income by them.  This is why I must refrain from doing that any longer.  It is not like I gain anything financially from that – just usually more views than I would normally have.  
So, apologies if you have been enjoying access to Jim’s posts on my site but surely it is not that difficult to click on a link, is it?

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