It Certainly Is Wrong…

…and the Russians should be very careful about placing any kind of trust in the America that they have in the past called ‘our US partners’, but are now it seems more wisely referring to as ‘our US counterparts’.

‘Partners’?  Wherever did Russia get that idea from?  They will never, ever, unless some dramatic and it could be argued impossible changes occur in the American psyche, be allowed to be thought of as US partners.  Sad, but true.

Do the Russians think, or in any way consider it a possibility that, if the boot were on the other foot, and it was the Russians who needed a lift for their cosmonauts out to the ISS in a US space vehicle, that reciprocation would be forthcoming?  Of course it wouldn’t.  Not a snowball’s chance in hell would that happen.

Anyway, all that aside, what is it that ‘certainly is wrong‘ as in my post title? It is the US attitude to the matter of foreign policy as it applies to anything to do with Russia. 

As the hard working Russian Foreign Minister – Sergey Lavrov (where does he get his stamina and fortitude from?) says – in this TASS post:

“The United States has long worked on relations with the Central Asian countries.  We know that it has been openly persuading the Central Asian countries, although most of them are our military and political allies, to refrain from the further development of relations with Russia. We never do things like that.”

“It is always possible to find opportunities for developing cooperation with this or that country to mutual benefit and to safeguard one’s interests without trying to infringe on the legitimate interests of that country and to develop cooperation with third partners. Regrettably, the United States pursues such a policy. It manifests itself not only in Central Asia. The Americans conduct the same policy in relations with all of our foreign partners in Asia, Latin America and Africa. We draw the attention of our US counterparts to this whenever we meet. We believe it is wrong.”

Yes, it certainly is wrong – on all levels.  It is also self-destructive – a policy always backfiring on those who pursue it.  Why the US does still pursue such a policy is beyond me.  It reflects a bad attitude, and one that doesn’t align with the idea of friendly relations – especially when it can only be made effective in conjunction with the ‘big stick’ approach.  An approach that the US, always relying mostly on bluff, is no longer able to wield – as has been proven by the resistance to its plans and threats by the relatively small nation of Syria.

I would say that where such US foreign policy has worked in the past, it will never work again anywhere – and in any case could never produce the kind of international friendship, allegiance or alliance that other more sincere, collegial, and therefore conducive policies might foster.  The kind of policies that Russia offers – securing lasting and mutually beneficial friendships everywhere – for instance.

It is the difference between great minds and big hearts versus small minds and selfish hearts.  And it shows.  Openly revealing itself for all who have open eyes and open minds, to see.   

Read the story – you’ll see what I mean: US urges Central Asian countries to avoid developing relations with Russia — Lavrov

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  1. Well said, Bernie.
    One note: “Partners” appears to be a rather loose translation of the Russian and means something more akin to a square dance partner – the person one is paired with for 16 measures, a sometimes clumsy dancer who often steps on one’s toes, but is one’s “partner” nonetheless. At the moment. See:
    In Russian that word “ally” (союзник) is a very strong one and contrasts sharply with the cynical and disgusted way the Russians always speak about their western “partners” (which often shocks those who don’t speak Russian).
    from an excellent, informative essay by The Saker, “Can Russia (or Iran) survive without China” here:

    1. I am so grateful you shared the Saker link. It was just used as the basis of my latest post. There are so many good things in that piece which resonate with me.

      Unfortunately I have neglected to keep up with the Vineyard. Must put it on my list of gotos.

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