Hope For Less Unbalanced World

No nation on Earth possesses the kind of advanced weapons that Russia does, and no nation will reach the same capabilities as Russia’s weapons currently have, perhaps for decades to come. And this is not just one weapon but a whole range of such weapons, as announced by the Russian President in March last year – which the world media predictably poo-pooed but many of which have and are now coming into service with the nation’s military.

The world should be grateful then that it is a peace loving Russia and not some other more cavalierly aggressive cowboy outfit that is in this position of power.  The “also ran’s” in the global arms business should therefore, if they had any sense of the gravity of their position that is, be attempting to negotiate some form of arms limitation treaty with Russia for the sake of ensuring that no nation can unilaterally hold the world to ransom by using their weapons as a potential threat.

This becomes increasingly important because…
…in 18 months time, if the current ‘New START’ agreement on arms limitation has not been extended or replaced by some superceding (like it or not, that’s how it is spelt) similar agreement, “then there would be no instrument in the world to curtail the arms race,” as President Putin already said to the Financial Times back in June of this year.

Russia knows only too well the importance of such treaties to the safety of the world and has been working hard towards achieving a substantial result – perhaps for the first time in history acting from a position of power not previously enjoyed.  The cowboy nation which has long enjoyed such power but now finds itself in a subordinate role, is predictably hedging a bit and not being too forthcoming with the kind of proposals it is used to demanding, instead trying to spread the scope of the matter in hope of a more acceptable result for itself.

But time is running out  …and Russia continues to to develop even more advanced weaponry – with the intention to never permitting the shadow of the US to overcast and dominate the world again.

Like I said, we should be grateful.   

“Demonstration of Russia’s Avangard system may stir US into extending New START — expert” – TASS

Russia demonstrates Avangard hypersonic missile system to US

Russia’s 1st two Avangard hypersonic missile systems to assume combat duty — source

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