Hot Air, or Gaslighting?

Ukraine threatens to steal Russian gas from Jan 1, 2020 – if Russia sends any supply down the transit pipeline crossing that country.

“Kiev says will pump Russian transit gas to storages in 2020 if no transit contract signed”

Looks like being a cold winter in Ukraine then, eh! Is this just Naftogas bravado or government policy?

Where do they get these ridiculous ideas? They have to have originated in America somewhere, since that is where the thinking part of Ukraine, such as exists, is known to lurk.

Direct supply of gas to Ukraine from Russia ceased in 2015, due to non-payment following the rape of the nation’s economy by US interests (including the Biden family), but transit of gas still occurs to the EU over Ukraine territory and Ukraine does get some supplies through back-flow of the Russian gas purchased from the EU. 

Certain European nations that such action to confiscate gas may possibly effect, may have something to say about all that – although two new pipelines which bypass Ukraine altogether, may be operating by then and, in any case, the EU claims to have full underground storage itself, with enough to last through the winter.

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