US Resurrects “Reds Under The Bed” Alarmism

…and of course Australia, US lapdog – “love you long time” – laps up the hype.

The people, I hope, are not buying it.

“China says alleged plot to groom Nick Zhao to infiltrate Australian Parliament ‘nothing but lies'”

Wild stories emanating from certain conservative Australian politicians operating from “a state of hysteria” and “extreme nervousness” (a pretty apt description of these alarmists I think), are being used – and it doesn’t take a genius to understand where the motives and incentives for raising such contentions originate, when you consider that they are actually part of a softening up process for the gullible among the Australian and other regional public populations, to make acceptable the setting up of US run joint military bases across the Indo-Pacific – as proposed by Congress in a report which contains more lies than the average bullshit produced by that institution (see article “Australia struggling to contain increasing Chinese political interference, US warns”

The last thing our region needs is more dumb, zombie jarheads running amok and causing more terrorist activity, which always accompanies their presence, anywhere – due mainly to the company they keep and are associated with.

The US, incidentally, likes the idea of joint military bases. Being a bankrupt nation themselves, it is a way for other nations to fund their own occupation by US forces.

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