Misplaced Trust In Human Nature

Australia’s Westpac Bank – one of the Big Four – bringing a new level of meaning to the term ‘Banksters’.

“Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer quits amid pressure over money laundering scandal”

23 Million separate breaches of the law.

What can you say?

Symptomatic of the times? Yes, of course.

The product of human greed or incompetence? Yes, of course.

A blight on society? Yes, of course.

But, who can you trust? No-one.

Why do things have to be this way? It’s human nature.

And, is human society worth preserving? A definite NO.

So, what’s to be done? Nothing. It will all be resolved, or at least be overshadowed, with the imminent fall of mankind, the destruction of the kind of society which fosters such activity, and the removal of opportunity and motivation in a world reduced to a state of basic existence, fully occupied with the tasks of personal survival in a constant battle against the hostile elements of the natural world without the backing of technology, wealth, or anything else of value to gain.

But even that of course will not remove the basic problem of the nature of man.

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