The ‘One Meeting’ To End Them All

The most important meeting of 2022 is set to take place on January 10, 2022 in Geneva. It is a meeting for Russia to receive the response of the US to Russia’s demands for security guarantees on a legal contractual basis and documented in a handover to the US by Russian authorities on December 15, 2021 and published externally (for all to see – no hiding the process) two days later. That, I’m sure most folk (if they knew about it and the issues around the situation) would agree is of the utmost importance in world affairs. Yet, how many folks are actually aware that this is going on?

Russians are well aware of it – it has been widely publicised there. Folk, like me, in the alternative news networks are well aware of it. But what about the main body of humanity, carrying on their daily lives as normal (except where COVID treatment has been mal-practiced – mostly Western nations)? Their lives may be heavily impacted by the outcome of this meeting. Don’t they deserve to know about it?

And is this to be a ‘first’ meeting, leading to a series (the usual never-ending series) of such meetings?

“No Way,” says Russia, “This is a ‘one-off’ decision time meeting. No rain checks”, (that is obviously a paraphrase of what was actually said) – which you can read about in the linked TASS article below.

My interpretation of that is that this One Meeting is all there is on the dance card. Meaning this is a process designed from the start to fail. Purposely so designed by the Russians – who must by now be thoroughly pissed off with the long prevaricating West (years and years of not making decisions and renaguing [or reneguing as per your personal choice] on any decisions they may have accidentally made). If Russia agrees, on the basis of some solid reasoning, to allow further limited time for discussion, that will be their decision alone. A quick resolution is demanded.

Delaying tactics are no longer to be tolerated. The US and associates (if there are to be any – I’m not sure on that) had better turn up to the meeting with a document fully signed and in agreement with the terms that Russia laid down on 17 December. Otherwise… well, I think that is pretty clear. Russia will take that as a refusal of agreement to their terms – which are not open to discussion – though they do not actually say that in so many words. But I feel the intent is there. And such an outright refusal will lead, not to threats, but to actual heavy repercussions. I don’t think anyone in the world is ready for what that means in terms of action by Russia at a time of their choosing. I am also sure that the US has little idea this is what they will be facing.

I am amazed that such a situation has come about in my lifetime. I am not amazed at the Russian determination to see this through exactly as I have outlined here – give or take a detail or two. And I am absolutely sure they have the power and the means to act in whatever ways they determine a) to ensure that they get both the assurances and the actual conditions they need and so deserve to preserve their continued safe future – as far as such can be guaranteed by human effort alone, and b) to ensure that the US and the broader West never again can gain the capacity to promote the evil overlordship they have so long demonstrated in their pursuance of imposing on the world the warped system of democracy they proclaim. But I am eternally grateful (or for as long as gratitude is within my powers to give) to whatever powers of nature or whatever power holds this universe together (if such other than nature there be) has engineered this to happen while I live and breathe.

I don’t think I have misinterpreted this situation. Nor do I think the Russians are bluffing. The Russians never bluff, while the US has no other plan of operation but to use bluffery in anything and everything they do. It has historically worked quite well for them for a long time – some seventy years at least – but the use-by date on US bluffery is now up. When nations like Syria and Iraq no longer believe US bluffs, well, the game is just about over, and they may as well just pack up and go home. It will be the same in Ukraine, except that, in the Ukraine, both the Ukro-military – such as it is (US trained and armed) – and the US itself needs to be shown in a very violent way that the game, not just this game but all future planned games, is actually over. Without that, without being given a bloody nose to accompany the lesson, they will never fully learn the truth of it and be satisfied with their new and reduced status in the world.

Make no mistake, Russia is not mistaken in taking this stand (though they have taken a very long road to get to this point, it has to be said). Nor are they mistaken that they have the necessary power and means to carry it out and see it fully implemented. Don’t doubt that for a second.

The basis for these thoughts:

‘Russia, US won’t manage to resolve security issues in one meeting, senior diplomat says’ – TASS

This is history in the making. How will it turn out? We shall see.

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