Withdrawal Policy

“UN Secretary General initiates New Global Deal for fairer world order” – TASS

Oh dear! Oh my!  All this talk of a New Social Contract from the UN Secretary General spells trouble at the OK corral.

All this talk of fairness and equality and the barely disguised finger pointing at the US and its capitalist gang of whoring nations.  It won’t make that small crowd who currently enrich themselves at the expense of the majority of earth-dwellers and their environment very happy at all, will it?  No, no, it won’t.

I can picture in my mind’s eye the news headlines at some point not far away -“The US to Withdraw From Membership of the United Nations Within Six Months”.

That is not speculation.  It is a forecast based on past M.O. We have seen similar declarations, for a string of different ‘withdrawals’ over recent years by the US.  Any ‘club’ they have joined in the past, when it ceases to serve their elitist interests, they stage a withdrawal – citing blame on others for injustices they have themselves committed.  It has become a ‘Modus Operandi’ for the US in recent times and is virtually forecastable in its routine employment.  

In the past they wouldn’t have done that of course.  They would have simply removed the offending voice to restore their position.  They can’t do that any more.  The world has wisened to their schemes.  So they have resorted to the role of petulent youngster, taking their bat and ball and going home in hope that will cause the game to end.  Well, perhaps that is a sort of blessing in disguise as it leaves the grown-ups to reorganise and carry on without them. 

I feel sure a US-free United Nations would be highly capable of guiding world affairs along a more stable and smoother road than the US-constipated UN has been able to do thus far.  If only we could get the opportunity to see that in action.     

…and you never know, maybe we can get the UK (US Mini-Me) to withdraw its membership (well, England anyway – I’m sure such action would be a trigger for Scotland and maybe even Wales to secede from that Union).

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