The Unmaking of Australia

Australia today, is not the Australia I crossed half a world to join, 40 years ago – a little more than half my lifetime.  That’s a fact.

What Australia has become, is an insult to all who were involved in forming this once great nation.  Great in size, great in character, and also great in stature and achievement on many levels – though never more than piddling in numbers.

Here is a rant, probably more of a lament, as to what this nation has become in recent years.  Actually, probably only in recent months.  I blame America and its overbearing presence, having seeped into every nook and cranny of Aussie life today and having inveigled itself into all aspects of public and social life, business and politics.

Australia is now woke central and with a goddamned bible thumping Prime Minister for god’s sake!  What fucking hope do we have?  Half the fucking population are cowered into accepting a known rampantly toxic substance being injected into themselves.  Most of the poor fools programmed to die over the next few years.  It is heartbreaking to know this and to know that none of them will listen to anything I say on the matter.

Whatever.  I am only responsible for one life.  Mine.

I will continue where I left off. Here is a rant by a fellow Australian on what has befallen his, and my, country.
Let it be a warning to others, and perhaps a wake-up call.

“The authoritarian takeover of Australia” – Fred Pawle for Spiked

“The authoritarian takeover of Australia” – Fred Pawle for Spiked

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