After the Victory, comes…

Learning to run a country.  The next big task for the Taliban.

The easy part – getting rid of the Americans – now being over (although the door is not yet closed behind them, and it was only opened as a result of the dire condition of that nation’s circumstances of slow, self-induced, self-inflicted death), the hard work of learning how to run a whole country of diverse peoples, set in the middle of yet many more diverse nations and all wanting a taste of modernity, and craving at least a little stability of one sort or another, is a huge task now confronting the unexpectedly victorious Taliban leadership.  I hope they are up to the task.  They will need help, even though some of them are now well educated. Not the sort of help offered by the scum of the West, but a genuine, mutually beneficial, hand of non-conditional friendship and wise counsel – which is obviously to be forthcoming from other directions.  And I don’t consider those statements as being derived from a naïve perspective.  There really is true and genuine help available, should this and other nations be capable of seeing that.

Meanwhile, other realities begin to emerge.  A couple of stories here, and a little history lesson, based on those thoughts…  

‘The Panjshiris Set Armed Resistance Against the Taliban’ – TeleSUR

‘GT Voice: US in no position to meddle with potential rare-earth cooperation between China and Afghanistan’

‘Taliban victory a major failure of Western civilization’s expansion’ – Global Times

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