United States: The Centre of All Evil

…more than 400 military biological laboratories created by the United States in 25 countries, including former Soviet republics – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.”

“Suspicions about the involvement of foreign US bio-laboratories in the emergence of very strange diseases in the countries where such secret facilities exist are growing.”

Vladimir Platov – Quotes from his NEO article: What Viruses are Being Studied by US Military Bio-Laboratories in Kazakhstan?

I used to think that the United States was simply a nation that never quite grew to maturity – a people stuck in a kind of perpetual adolescence with never to be fully developed minds or personalities. Maybe I was wrong, or maybe that is not all they are. What is certainly true, and never more so revealed as over the past year or two as their worm ridden carcase of a country sinks into a state of disintegration and chaos, their stinking society is the very ground zero of all that is evil in this world. Everything, absolutely everything that is distasteful, mean-spirited, deceitful and hate centred, emanates from that nation, driven by their delusional self-vision and inspired by a fucking Jesus image that bears no relationship to anything that is remotely good or desirable. What a fucked up world they live in. And they want the rest of us to also be part of that. Not an important part. Our job, our place, our role, is to be that of ‘hackable rats’.

Well, fuck them and their evil plans. We are onto them. We now realise what they are up to. And we must stop them before it is too late.

Why do they need “more than 400 military biological laboratories … in 25 countries“, while shutting down their major such facility – Fort Detrick – in their own country? That question needs to be answered. Preferably before any more of the world’s people are injected by a chemical concoction misnamed as a Covid Vaccine – supposedly to stop, not cure, or prevent, the spread of a virus devised and patented by one of these ‘US Military Bio-Laboratories’ more than a decade ago, in league with the very pharmaceutical corporates that are reaping a fortune in sales of those pre-planned so-called vaccines.

Read this story …and judge for yourselves.

What Viruses are Being Studied by US Military Bio-Laboratories in Kazakhstan?Vladimir Platov for New Eastern Outlook (NEO)

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