Making What Sense Is Possible From A Bugger’s Muddle

I am developing a level of trust in Pepe Escobar’s assessments of geopolitical movements in today’s world.  This current appraisal is no exception…

‘A Saigon moment looms in Kabul’ – Pepe Escobar for Asia Times

The opaque mists of recent events will eventually settle down to some prescribed reality, of sorts. Of course nothing is real until it happens.  And then there is the question of permanence.  In a world such as that we live in, ‘permanence’ has a much more fuzzily defined meaning than it may have attracted heretofore and the contrivings of men must be viewed within the broader framework of other events over which those men have no control whatsoever.

Today, I came across a delightfully descriptive phrase in another report, which, for me, adequately describes the world of 2021 – It’s a bugger’s muddle.  No doubt, that is exactly what it is.  And who are the buggers who made it so? 

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