A New Era Has Begun

I couldn’t stop lolling (overcome by ‘lols’) when I read this.  So, it is all over red-rover.  Afghanistan is free again after 20 years of invasion and rape of the country by the dogs of war from across the Atlantic and their fawning puppies from whatever holes in the ground they were dragged out of.  Game over. 

Score:  Taliban 1 – US and cronies 0.

Or put another way:  Taliban Won – US and cronies Lost.

So what’s new.  That’s the way it always goes when the US plays away from home.  I think the next game they play in will be a home game, US vs US.  At least they are guaranteed a victory there – if self destruction can in any way be termed a victory. 

A US Chinook helicopter flies over Kabul.(AP: Rahmat Gul)

“Taliban begin entering Afghan capital Kabul from all sides after seizing city of Jalalabad” – ABC News Australia

I wonder if Australia has learned anything from this? The chances of that are I thnik very unlikely. What is it going to take for the Aussies to extract themselves from the lunatic fringe out West of them, shivering under a setting sun, and turn toward the East – where the sun shines most readily and fortuitously. If anything ever was, this is a real no-brainer. Of course you need to have a working and unencumbered brain to realise that.

Oh well, it was nice to have had a little laugh.  I still have that image of ol’ senile Joe saying “There will be no helicopter roof-top rescue this time”…  Sorry… I can’t go on, I just can’t, just yet  …need a little break…  more compulsive lols…

Ah, that’s better …the Saigon moment I mentioned yesterday has come and gone – and with it any remaining shred of dignity still clinging to the office of POTUS has gone with it.  Someone bring the curtain down, please.

A new era has begun…

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