Australian Authorities – “Bat-Shit Crazy”

I have half-written, or considered writing, so many blog posts which never got published, recently, it is not funny. But this one somehow escaped the Looney Bin.

“One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest: Down Under is now a mental ward where the crazies are calling the shots over Covid” – RT

How did it come to this, Australia? Down what dark alley, and when, were our State and Federal governments and their minions in Law Enforcement and ‘Health’ (health in quotes, that is), turned into Nazis?

I don’t know the answer to that question exactly, but I do know that it could be seen to be coming, gradually, with the rise of the evil leader, the religious funda’mental‘ist crank, ScoMo of the Jesus Freaks tribe. And then, suddenly, as if overnight, sometime in the past few weeks (I’m not good at thinking backwards), they all turned, en-masse it appears. Were they all zombified? Hypnotised, or injected? I don’t know that either, since I have not met a police officer, doctor or nurse, in months or perhaps even years. So, if I ever do, I may not notice the difference. Do they look the same? Talk the same? Ah, well, that is something I do know, since I can watch them on the news bulletins, if I so choose to torture myself with their lame lies, threats, and brutal acts. Fortunately, I am safe and secure from all those things (so far), due to their crazy lockdowns – which have meant little change in life habits for me personally – I mostly stay home by choice.

Also, if it comes to that, what happened to the freedom loving and laid back Aussie folk? Have their backbones been removed? Even the vociferous truckies couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to more than half-heartedly actually block a few roads for more than a few minutes. What has happened to us? Maybe it is shock, I don’t know. What’s the treatment for shock? First don’t move. A Lockdown is ideal for that. Then keep warm and comfortable. Well, Summer is coming up for us soon. I’m sure we can keep still until the warming rays of sunshine re-awaken and reinvigorate our sensibilities – assuming we have not ourselves been irretrievably ‘internally altered’ by multiple vaccine doses in the meantime – which seems a distinct possibility for most of us.

The only thing for those of us who refuse to be turned into guinea pigs by accepting the so-called vaccines – even by force (I have given some consideration to the premise that I would rather die than submit to that) – is to hope that very soon (before it comes to a matter of force), the vaccinated sheeples will begin to die in larger numbers than could possibly be credited to the disease they are supposed to be protected from (and that, I fear [wrong word but it will have to suffice], is what is going to happen). Only then may it be realised the magnitude of the error that has been made – not only in Australia but globally.

All that will remain will simply be a ‘Farewell To Us’.

How fortuitous then, that I just managed to find a ‘Farewell To Us’, also straight from the ‘Looney Bin’.

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