Viva Maduro!

Well, it seems COP27 is at least good for something. The acknowledgment of the legitimacy of President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, if nothing else. I share this teleSUR post, not only as an acknowledgment of Maduro's effective project to return emigre citizens back to their Venezuelan homeland, which I am sure has further endeared him... Continue Reading →

Maduro Shows the Way to International Negotiations and Friendly Relations

Yesterday, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro (the real president, not the discredited scumbag the west recently tried to promote) successfully arranged deals with the leadership of Kuwait - both nations being members of OPEC... 'Venezuela & Kuwait Activate Strategic Commission: Pres. Maduro' - TeleSUR Earlier, President Maduro and the leadership of Iran got together for mutually... Continue Reading →

Imperialism’s Last Mistake?

I speak a lot about Syria, the nation long oppressed by Western imperialism, whose struggles against injustice I have taken to heart.  But there is another nation, equally determined not to bow the knee to the imperialists, and one that the US would be foolish - given their experience of failure to make any impression... Continue Reading →

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