Maduro Shows the Way to International Negotiations and Friendly Relations

Yesterday, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro (the real president, not the discredited scumbag the west recently tried to promote) successfully arranged deals with the leadership of Kuwait – both nations being members of OPEC…

‘Venezuela & Kuwait Activate Strategic Commission: Pres. Maduro’ – TeleSUR

Earlier, President Maduro and the leadership of Iran got together for mutually beneficial purposes…

‘Venezuela and Iran Sign Cooperation Agreements’ – TeleSUR

In a display of how to properly conduct international affairs – not with threats, sanctions, or with the coercive action of bombs or at the point of the gun, as is the preference of the west – in what is turning out to be a very successful outing for the President among West Asian nations. All success to his ventures, and the growing prosperity of the Venezuelan peoples together with increasing amity throughout the world, while Russia brings the west to heel (that is what the Ukraine situation is all about) and to know its proper place among nations.

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