Russia – Has The World No Other Hope?

I have tried recently, in my own stumbling prose, to capture the essence of Russia’s ultimate struggle for its own survival and for the renewal of freedom and justice for the rest of the world. Beginning in Ukraine but unlikely to be constrained to that arena if it is to achieve the fullness of its sacred task. Which I have no doubt that it will.

But I acknowledge that my own weak efforts to portray the importance of Russia’s Special Operation cannot compare with the challenging work by Batiushka released today on the Saker blog…

‘The World Is Looking At You’ – By Batiushka for The Saker

This is a masterful and concise reconstruction of the history that has brought us to what may be a climactic and epoch-changing moment in human history – or potentially a disastrous end to that history. Either of those fortunes is acceptable, in ways that brook no other alternative outcome. Russia must succeed.

Batiushka suggests the world is looking to (or at) Russia. But one thing is missing.

If this is an existential struggle for all mankind, why is Russia alone as the only champion of the cause? Where are Russia’s allies? The DPR/LPR militias? Yes, brave folk. But where do all other independent nations stand? On the sidelines? Where, in particular, is China?

Is Russia to be our only hope? If that is the case, then we are well served. Russia has faced such challenges before. They will succeed – again. But are they to bear the whole burden? And how much burden of debt to Russia will mere onlookers accumulate?

(Assuming, of course, that Russia wants, needs or would accept any other military assistance. But where, in that case, is the show of support of other kinds and in other ways for their supreme commitment?)

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