Russia-China Ties as Strong as Ever – Confirmed Hours Ago

‘Xi talks with Putin over phone’ – XinhuaNet

At least these two giants of the world stage are showing solidarity today (yesterday for me). I feel sure it goes deeper than that. Deeper than the assurances just now made. Perhaps more cannot be said at this stage. But I think it is vitally important that this commitment has been restated at this point in time.

For the rest, we will have to wait and see …but we are used to that.

Meanwhile, Russia continues its more or less solo drive through Ukraine territory. It is hard work and calls for a methodical approach. Russia is in this for the long haul, and nothing will stop them. Not sanctions. Not military opposition – from any quarter. And if deemed necessary (which I think it will be), not even national borders. The stated desires of the Russian people, so glibly ignored by those who ought to have known better or had clearer vision of the consequences, that result (and nothing less), must be achieved one way or another. And that must occur before any talk of peaceful settlement.

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