When Will the West Take Russia Seriously?

[I wrote what follows some eight hours ago and at 3am decided to sleep on it rather than sending something of a rant at the peak of my pique which I may regret later. After a sleep I decided not to change a word (I’ve added a few), and so it is what it is – a jumble of mixed metaphors, warts and all. But, from my point of view, all good information.]

Look, dumb-ass western leaders, you are trying to fuck with the big-ass Russian Bear – and you are going to come off second best in a two horse race. And second best is not going to look very pretty and not at all healthy when the dust settles. So get your shit together and start thinking about that – because it is inevitable.

Was that plain enough speaking, do you think? Or do they need to be fed their own junk before they will act?

As you might imagine, I am getting really pissed off now. This is more than serious, and western folk, most of whom couldn’t give a rats arse (meaning they deserve whatever Russia serves up to them), need to wake up to what is about to happen in the next days, weeks and months. Because sooner rather than later, the waters are going to break and they are going to get washed away in the torrents of modern warfare.

On Russia day, which was two days ago where I am as I write this, the Russian military (or someone claiming to speak for them) posted this timely reminder of what happens when their warnings are ignored. The original was in russian of course, but I at great expense (free on my Yandex browser) have posted an english translation below. So if you don’t want to join the Teutonic Knights, Poles, Napoleon and the Germans in getting your arses kicked, you had better pay attention.

Yandex translation to english of original image:

I found that image on the Saker blog in this post (below) which highlights appropriately the current position regarding the Ukraine conflict, which as you should know – because various experts and others, including myself, have been talking about this for months now. Our voices have largely been drowned out by the stupid shit-talk and outright lies of western media, who are only now beginning to realise that the story they have been peddling to the public is becoming a leaky bucket and will need to be totally respun with something more resembling the truth. It will never actually be the truth. Come on, lifetime habits are not so easily broken, but close enough to the truth to raise doubts in western minds. We can only hope. I don’t think anyone wants to see the sort of piles of bodies and bits of bodies all over the west, including the US, that could be inflicted on those nations which do not get the message. Russia is deadly serious about this. They have no choice. And they will take it as far as it needs to be taken to get rid of NATO and drive the US out of Europe. Russia has the means to do that – without bankrupting itself, without draining its military potential, and without losing its youth as casualties of war. And they will achieve every single stated goal they asked nicely about since late 2021. Only when the west realises that and capitulates or has the means to resist thoroughly beaten out of it, will the Russians be willing to discuss peace settlements. Trust me. Don’t ask for my qualifications to say these words, just trust me. It will happen.

Ok, now you can read what others say…

‘Sitrep Operation Z: The Great WalkBack’ – By Amarynth (who is doing an excellent job while Andrei Raevsky is away) for the Saker Blog

It references a piece by Andrei Martyanov in full rant mode, which ought to be a kickstarter for multiple mind-change operations all over the west. The original link for that is…

‘What Worries Me, Really…’ – Andrei Martyanov blog

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