Imperialism’s Last Mistake?

I speak a lot about Syria, the nation long oppressed by Western imperialism, whose struggles against injustice I have taken to heart.  But there is another nation, equally determined not to bow the knee to the imperialists, and one that the US would be foolish – given their experience of failure to make any impression on Syria – to attempt to force the same regime change policy on Venezuela.

Venezuela is ready, and prepared.  The US has already revealed its campaign of dirty tricks in Venezuela.  That has singularly failed.  Will they now resort to military tactics?  Are they that stupid?  Maybe.  But that would be perhaps the final mistake they could make before they sink into irrelevance as all other imperialist regimes have done before them.  It would be a hopeless venture.

“‘The Bolivarian Shield’ Prepares Millions to Defend Venezuela” – Telesur English

Venezuela’s President Maduro, bravely defying US attempts to remove him from office, stands with the Venezuelan people behind him and delivers this stirring message:

“We are a rebellious, conscious and brave people committed with the liberators’ historical struggles. We are always standing and in permanent struggle. Despite all the imperial aggressions, Venezuelans do not give up, nor will we ever give up. We always overcome!”

I stand with Maduro’s Venezuela.  I stand against all forms of imperialism.  I stand for the national sovereignty of nations as laid down in international law.

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