The Situation in Syria’s Idlib Province – 15 Feb, 2020

Not a day goes by in recent weeks when the Syrian Arab Army and its allies do not make serious advances into the Idlib and western Aleppo regions, driving out the Turkish backed – and recently re-armed (according to the Southfront reports I list below) – al-Qaeda linked terrorist forces occupying the area.

Turkey, it seems, is seeking to gain a numerical superiority in newly established military outposts in the region.  At least two new ones were set up in the last 24 hours.  Syria, meanwhile, follows a policy of tactical movement, so far totally ignoring but surrounding those Turkish military posts in newly liberated government held territory.  The Turkish position appears to be similarly mentally conceived as that held by Hitler in his final days. 

Nothing is going to stop the tide of war overtaking any imperialist attempts to stop it now. Syria will be victorious.  Syria will be liberated from terrorism in spite of any imperialist dreams.

I list below several Southfront reports that I woke up to this morning, all covering events in the last 24 hours.  I am pleased to see that the Mansoura pocket just outside Aleppo has finally been closed off.  I am also pleased to see the Syrian forces are now strong enough to be advancing on several fronts towards the terrorist stronghold of the city of Idlib and also the town of al Atarib which was yesterday newly infested by Turkish military. Will we see fireworks or will the SAA simply bypass the town to avoid open conflict with turkey?  A new front has also been opened up to the north, apparently with the probable assistance of SDF (PKK) forces in the area.  Finally, Syria has a new Russian weapon, the TOS-1A thermobaric rocket launcher – which should be able to obliterate any defences that terrorists are using – and not in a nice way.

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