Of Diseased Minds and Confused Souls

Talking of the long delayed work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, the formidable pragmatism, patience and understanding of Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov, laced also I’m sure with a little understated amusement, is clearly revealed in this quote: 

“It could have start working at the end of 2019, but we all know the history of that, as our Western counterparts actually demanded in the form of an ultimatum that the United Nations should not support the proposals put forward by the government and put forward by the opposition,” he said. “A whole year was wasted on a senseless head-to-head [debate] about two or three individuals who our Western partners did not like for some reason. We lost a year. Now the situation might have been different.” 

“Nevertheless, we are not offended as we are trying to be guided by realities. The reality is that we eventually persuaded all those doubtful that that committee should be given green light.”

Who could not love and appreciate the man and his commitment? Who could fail to see the depraved madness lurking in the diseased minds and confused souls of his “Western counterparts”? 

‘Third session of Syrian constitution committee in the works – Lavrov’ – TASS

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