“The single largest flood the earth has ever seen…”

“The single largest flood the earth has ever seen… 

An icy bombardment… 

Darkened skies… 

Plunging global temperatures… 

Mass extinctions…”

Does that quote not stir in you some excitement?  Interest?  Terror?  An overwhelming desire to read further?  To gain some knowledge and familiarity with what it means and entails?

Good.  Well, I have exactly the cure to satisfy those admirable arousals.

The quote comes from this in-depth investigation by Graham Hancock into a hot field of science which dramatically outlines all that is good, and new, and fresh, and alive, about scientific progress, juxtaposing it with all that is intrinsically bad, and manipulative, and suffocating, and negative, and stale, about establishment science and its diabolical adherents such that – “historians and archaeologists will go through Houdini-like contortions of reason and common-sense rather than consider the possibility that any aspect of their paradigm of prehistory might be wrong” (another quote from this piece by Hancock).

“Why Science Should Cherish Its Rebels” – Graham Hancock

You need to know what happened only 12,800 years ago that produced those plunging temperatures which turned a northern hemisphere just emerging from the last great ice age back into a frozen Younger Dryas period and 1200 years later, around 11,600 years ago (9,600 BCE), as the effects of that finally dispersed, allowing temperatures to rise again, produced “The single largest flood the earth has ever seen”.

You need to read this.  I am not going to comment further, other than to say that I am convinced that the new science is the true science, not the pseudo-science that it proves old, established views to be.  Make up your own mind with this definitive and brilliant exposé.

Incidentally, you may have come across that year, 9600 BCE, in reference to some other historical event. Hancock ties the two together, along with various others.

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