“You Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two, Boys. You Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two.”

Terrorists, it seems, just love being herded into pockets of resistance, surrounded and annihilated.  Well, I suppose it is what they live for – the ridiculous notion of martyrdom.

Forming pockets is a tried and true means of disposing of enemies. Nobody gets in. Nobody gets out.  The result is inevitable.  

I haven’t heard any talk of prisoners being taken by the advancing Syrian army and friends.  Nor should they be.  If these fools they are fighting – be they Syrian or foreigner – want to die for something, who should prevent them from doing that?  There is in any case no place for captive terrorists now. The scourge of terrorism in Syria must end.  No more place for ceasefires until the job is done, completed and finished.


I see from the map that there are another two Turkish military posts about to be surrounded and negated.  There are only between 4-5 of the original 12 ‘observation’ posts still operating inside terrorist held territory and I think around 10 more were constructed in the past few weeks – at least half of which are now inside Syrian government held territory.  The Turkish troops inside the remaining ones must be longing for the day that the Syrian army arrives to liberate them.  

I suppose Mr Erdogan will want his troops back one day.  He should be made to pay handsomely for their safe return after it is all over.  Perhaps the monetary value of all the Syrian oil he stole while he was able to buy it from ISIS some years ago would be a start.

But I am getting ahead of things.  There is still a war to win for the Syrians, and I don’t want to make light of that.  Many more brave Syrian soldiers will die before that day.  But at least in this part of Syria I think the time will not be long in coming. 

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