Syrian Idlib Conflict – 14 Feb, 2020


So, it looks like my prediction of two days ago that the SAA will soon take control of tghge road thatg Turkey is using to insert its military into Syria thus cutting off the only available escape route out of Syria for those forces will be fulfilled – and I fully expect that to happen in the next few days.  That road is, I believe, the M45 – the only main road between the north-western Syrian border and the city of Idlib.

Large advances have been made today that eliminate pockets in the Syrian front line and open the road to the town of Atarib from where it is a hop and a jump from that vital road.  Nothing can stop them now – certainly not the Turkish military, who have been put into a very precarious position.

Erdogan’s pronouncements of what his army will do are not worth the time he took to say them.  The Syrian army is now a hardened and formidable force.

The image below is from  

Comparing those two maps it is easy to see that the situation is so fluid that it is impossible for map-makers to keep up with latest events. It is very likely that the Syrians are now much further advanced than is suggested in those images.

What is clear is that the Syrian government now has complete control of the M5 motorway between the capital Damascus and Aleppo – something they have not enjoyed for something like 5 years.

There is some talk of another ceasefire in 10 days time – not sure if that is official – a move that would in any case last less than a day and designed purely for the benefit of the terrorists. There won’t be much fight left in them by then anyway.

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