NATO – Dumb and Dumber

NATO’s Stoltenberg continues to pile stupid on top of stupid in his latest remarks.

“NATO intends to avoid costly arms race with Russia, Stoltenberg says” – TASS

It sounds really good (these things usually do until drilled down into) for the NATO leader to be saying that they want no arms race with Russia, preferring ‘arms control’ instead.

For a start, NATO cannot afford to get into an arms race – leaving aside the fact that such is not necessary anyway, other than in the stunted minds of Western leaders.  Russia is not an aggressor.  NATO is.  And Russia is so far ahead in terms of arms development and production (years if not decades ahead), that the West, never able to achieve cost-effective weapons production, can also never hope to catch up.

That last point leads to the next.  As for arms control, the West has nothing to bargain with.  The erudite Russian leadership is not going to be fooled into any form of arms control that would advantage the West – which is the only form of arms control the West would be interested in discussing.  Russia has suffered in the past from one-sided arms agreements that favoured the West and is not likely to allow itself to be held in that position ever again.

Finally, it is not Russia that has withdrawn from almost every arms limitation treaty there is. The West’s separation from such being based on entirely fictional premises that even Dumb and Dumber could see through.

It is time that NATO realised that it no longer holds a place of power in the developed world.  And also to realise that it no longer has any form of legitimate purpose or reason for its own continued existence.

Added later:

Actually I do want to say something else as an afterthought here.  Talking of Dumb and Dumber, that’s an illustration of the condition of the West generally.  Western nations have allowed themselves, or more correctly have deliberately engineered themselves, into producing generations of progressively under-educated national populations, to the extent that no Western nation now has the capability of possessing the advanced mathematics necessary to develop advanced technology – or indeed to suitably staff its own military with forces capable of successfully fighting in modern wars.  This is amply illustrated with America’s growing difficulty of finding sufficient acceptable recruits for its overblown military.  America’s youth are either too dumb, too sick or too culturally damaged to qualify for anything much more than joystick pilots for UAV drones.

I have written about that, with references, before, somewhere, but there is an excellent new article by Paul Schmutz Schaller for The Saker Blog that covers all of these points, here:  “Mathematics and the Power of a Nation” 

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