Turkey Soup Anyone?

“Russia cannot just sit and wait for further developments in Syria’s Idlib — diplomat” – TASS

Sound reasoning (not something familiar to Western nations) dictates that Russia (the only foreign nation legally operating in Syria) must act in support of the armed forces of the Syrian government and in defence of its own assets there.

This is not something easily understood by the dumb-heads of Turkey, the US and NATO nations (simpletons all, capable only of linear, one-track, wrong-track thinking), adequately illustrated by the comments today (“we will stand by our NATO ally Turkey”) of Mad Mike ‘Last White Helmet in Idlib’ Pompeo.

Empty, meaningless, statements are all he has to stoke the fires with.  NATO will not overtly intervene in Syria.  They can’t afford to do that and, incidentally, there are movements afoot within NATO to begin questioning the US role within the organisation.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they told the US where to stick its ugly domineering attitude before too long.  

Turkey got itself into this mess.  Turkey will, by itself, need to suffer the consequences.  I predict that within a few days the only road available to Turkey for insertion of new military forces, or extraction of its forces already committed to the invasion of Syria, will be cut off.  The trapped forces, including all those in the ridiculous and illegal ‘observation posts’, the majority of which are already surrounded, will face either surrender or be cut apart piecemeal. 

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