Duterte Shows Some Backbone

The United States inability to make friends and penchant for losing friends is legendary.  Actually that is a bit of a loose statement. The rest of the world mostly hates America and has only put up with US antics in past decades because of their – proven to be mostly bluff – military strength. But events in recent years – especially in the last decade or so – that bluff has been called – and folk are beginning to realise that the bully does not have the power – perhaps never did – that it projected for so long. And they are casting an thoughtful eye over their relationships with America.

The Philippines long time links to the US are being severed, from the Manilla end.  Not that this will be of much concern to the US, who do not want friends anyway.  ‘Friends’ implies some sort of equality of status.  The US only wants vassal relationships with other nations.

The Philippines is fortunate to have a leader who can see that.

“Philippines terminates military agreement with the US” – TASS

Current US allies might want to take a similar look at their own relationships before guilt by association becomes too overpowering. But of course these are mostly Western states and they remain blind to the truth of movements in world opinion.

It will be no loss to the Philippines either.  They have been building relationships of a different kind – a more mutually beneficial kind – with Russia and China for a while now.  Good to see.

I would prefer to see the US totally isolated and boycotted by the rest of the world, since their intentions are not in any way honorable or worthy of the merit of mutual association. Of course if they were to change their attitude and goals towards a more peaceful coexistence with the rest of us, the current global loathing of America might be overcome in time.

And let me say that I don’t quite understand the Russian leadership’s constant attempts to make friendly overtures towards the US.  It is quite degrading for Russia in the present situation.  Let them demonstrate some willingness to change first – otherwise it is quite pointless.

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