Ebla and Saraqib – Liberated


Here’s something you won’t see on CNN, FOX, or the like.  From ANNA (the Abkhazian Network News Agency), via Southfront – both of whom I acknowledge with gratitude. A 38 minute record of the recent battle for liberation of Saraqib city in Syria’s Idlib governorate.

I love this.  It makes my heart sing and want to be there. But it is of course not my time, or my place.  Still, it makes the situation vastly more real than anything I have seen before. 

It also records scenes of the priceless ruins of the ancient city of Ebla, recently occupied by terrorists and now liberated.  A place that is an irreplaceable part of human history from the first true civilisation of man.  That in itself makes the footage worth viewing.

I earnestly encourage you to watch this video.  No English.  Mainly Russian (I assume) commentary.

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