Talking Turkey

“Russia, Turkey to continue talks on Idlib next week – Turkish Foreign Ministry” – TASS

Nice delaying tactics by Russia, though I doubt there would be any official confirmation of that. 

Turkey, in a vain attempt to halt the swift advance of Syrian forces to liberate their homeland from Western and Turkish backed terrorists, has sent further columns of its own military into Syria – setting up ‘observation posts’ at strategic points. But as soon as a Turkish military post is established, they are overtaken and surrounded by Syrian military forces, the terrorist defences crumbling all around. This must be quite embarrassing for Mr Erdogan’s government.

There will soon be nowhere to hide for the terrorists of al-Qaeda affiliated groups or their Syrian opposition neighbours – except for Turkey, the borders of which are now their only means of escape – if Turkey wants to let them in. The only alternative is annihilation at the hands of Syria and its allies. These goons made their choice long ago and now they must pay the price. I’m sure their ‘friends’ in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and elsewhere would love to have them as guests. There is no longer a place for them in Syria, except perhaps an unmarked hole in the ground.

Watch them scoot for the border. This thing could well be over apart from the dancing before the Russia-Turkey talks next week. 

And then Turkey will have no excuse for occupying any part of Syria. They will leave or pay the price of invaders – followed by those Yankee bastards in the north east.  These US turkeys must be used to getting turfed out of countries they have no right to be in by now – having dined out for decades on their record of never actually winning a war so far.

Syria will be free.

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